Invantive Data Access Point

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Published by Invantive Software B.V. on 11-06-2019.

License L181264303 registered to Invantive B.V.

(C) Copyright 2004-2019 Invantive Software B.V., the Netherlands. All rights reserved.

Usage Invantive Data Access Point has multiple modes available: Invantive Data Access Point can be addressed using a number of URL parameters depending on the mode:

userLog on code of the user.OptionalOptionalOptional
passwordPassword of the user.OptionalOptionalOptional
connectionName of the database to use, in the format 'GROUP\DATABASE'.-RequiredRequired
querySQL statement(s) to execute.-RequiredRequired
printparametersFlag whether to print the parameters and their values in the output ('true' for yes, 'false' for no, default is no).OptionalOptionalOptional
includeheadersFlag whether to include the headers in the output ('true' for yes, 'false' for no, default is no).OptionalOptionalOptional
usetechnicalheadersFlag whether to use technical headers instead of functional headers in the output ('true' for yes, 'false' for no, default is no).OptionalOptionalOptional
formatOutput format in which the results must be presented (Html, Xml, Json, JsonDataSet, Atom, Rss, Csv, Tsv, Text, Xlsx, MsExcel, Data, default is Html).-RequiredRequired
xslFilename or URL of XSL to apply on the output, preferrably located in the Templates folder.--Optional
contenttypeContent type of the output.-OptionalOptional
contentfilenameFile name of the output.-OptionalOptional
presetUse a specific preset configuration defined on the server and located by default in the Templates folder.Required--
ANY OTHERValue provided as GET or POST parameter of binding parameter for the SQL statement(s). POST parameters take precedence.OptionalOptionalOptional

For RSS and Atom format, please using the following column aliases: content, title, id and updated.

Using the form below you can compose a correct URL to retrieve your data.

Need more help with the SQL grammar, click here for an overview of Invantive SQL Grammar.

Retrieve data

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